My love of urns continues..

I could not resist this small treasure that I came across the other day on my shopping expedition.

 This lovely antique cast iron urn now has a proper resting place.

Just the right size.  The urn is filled with real soft green moss.

Sits upon a long antique white antique marble coffee table. I had to embelish some of the great detail with gentle distressing and  gold accents.

You never know what you may find on a hunt for just that something special.  What are you hunting for?

Let me know if you need any assistance from Chic Home & Antiques!

Chic Home & Antiques


About chichomeantiquesblog

A lover of unique antique furniture with history and character. I take great joy in discovering forgotten pieces. Pieces that most people would pass by. I have such a passion for discovering, refinishing and repurposing great furnishings. I shop consignment shops, thrift stores, craigslist and of course antique shops to find those special unique pieces. I paint, sand, antique, glaze whatever it may be to bring new life to old furnishings. My life is full of family, good health, happiness, careers, and a very happy well loved home. I have very much to be thankful for in this world that I live today.
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