Deerfield Visit

Move over Yankee Candle there is a new Kringle Candle in town.  This past October I took some time out to visit my Aunt for our annual fall visit full of pumpkin finds,tag sales,flea markets and good food out in old Historic Deerfield.  This time of year is the perfect time for  a quick weekend get away to the Western part of Mass.

We had good timing because the new Kringle restaurant and shops were having an open house. The new Kringle company who were once the original owners of Yankee candle have a new candle in town. Their creativity and imagination left me in awe.

I was so impressed with the restaurant and shops that I must share my experience with you. If you ever plan to take a visit to the  Western part of Mass I highly recommend making the effort to dine at the Farm Table restaurant and walk through their shops all part of the Kringle company.

My first steps into the restaurant blew me away with original wooden beams,antique plank flooring,not to mention this incredible white marble  bar that separated the dining rooms.

Fireplaces warmed every room as well as  additional fireplaces outside to warm you up incase you have to wait. The lounge area made you want to sip your drink of choice and chat with your company on tufted leather sofas, antique side-tables and a roaring fireplace. The cozy lounge made you feel as if you were sitting in an old English library.  I love a restaurant that makes you feel as if you are dining in someone elses  home and never want to leave. This restaurant was full of its original wood work , beams, amazing character,antiques,reproductions and such heart and soul from the Kittredge family. Just amazing!

Did I mention the very rare Victoria Arduino espresso machine. OMG!!

The kids found Santa as well in the charming Christmas shops.

That’s right Santa please tell them they have to be good, eat all their vegetables, go to bed when they should, listen to mom and dad etc…….. A little help here Santa.

The next morning my visit brought us out early to hit the tag sales and flea markets. The sun was up, the rain had stopped and a rainbow was in full view- looks like it was going to be great day!  In preparation for my Halloween party that I had planned this was a perfect place to shop for deals!  Who can resist 2-6$ deals??? Not me!

First find 5-10 yards of black crushed velvet and lace all for $3.00 Seriously?? Perfect for my Halloween decorations.

After all my husband and I did go a little crazy with Halloween this year.

A flea market is a place where yes you have to keep an open mind and shift through a lot of stuff before you can find what my strike your fancy. I recommend leaving all husbands at home for this adventure.

 My find- an antique solid cherry round table with brass claw feet. Love it and if I had room I would keep it but, to be sold. ( photos will come later)  I don’t mind if the top has a few blemishes or a couple of scratches that is all part of character and knowing this piece was well-built in America and has been around for a long time is ok with me!
Well our visit had come to an end and what great finds and great fun we had.
Make an effort to take a road trip to discover new places and discover new treasures. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Happy adventures!

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A lover of unique antique furniture with history and character. I take great joy in discovering forgotten pieces. Pieces that most people would pass by. I have such a passion for discovering, refinishing and repurposing great furnishings. I shop consignment shops, thrift stores, craigslist and of course antique shops to find those special unique pieces. I paint, sand, antique, glaze whatever it may be to bring new life to old furnishings. My life is full of family, good health, happiness, careers, and a very happy well loved home. I have very much to be thankful for in this world that I live today.
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