Sexy Retro

RETRO seems to be coming back in a very sexy way.  This past year retro has certainly sparked my interest.  It had not been something that I had specifically shopped for but, I was up for the challenge for this particular client.

Remember to keep an open mind.   I came across this great pair of mid-century  chairs and the dealer was having a sale!  Score!

The Scoop Chair by Carter Bros. Furniture once located in Salisbury North Carolina.   Crafted and peaked in the years 1945-1970.

Orange was a BIG color in the 60’s and 70’s as we know and  we may cringe at seeing the color creep back in especially on a leopard print rug. OUCH!   But I had another plan for these…  off to see my favorite upholsterer….

My upholsterer had the challenge of removing all of the vinyl very carefully so I could clean up the wood and bring it back to life.  The image on the right is before treating the wood, note how dry  and lack of luster the wood looks.  Image on the left is after treatment of wood.  The walnut wood shines through.

These sexy chairs are HOT!!!!

Even from the back these chairs look good.  No screws or nails just beautiful curved walnut. Gorgeous!

My husband pleaded with me in keeping these. Sorry honey no can do these are already spoken for…Thanks for keeping our lawn so green though, makes for a fabulous backdrop.

Do you have anything retro that has recently been redone?  I would love to see.

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A lover of unique antique furniture with history and character. I take great joy in discovering forgotten pieces. Pieces that most people would pass by. I have such a passion for discovering, refinishing and repurposing great furnishings. I shop consignment shops, thrift stores, craigslist and of course antique shops to find those special unique pieces. I paint, sand, antique, glaze whatever it may be to bring new life to old furnishings. My life is full of family, good health, happiness, careers, and a very happy well loved home. I have very much to be thankful for in this world that I live today.
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6 Responses to Sexy Retro

  1. coffeycarrie says:

    Love these chairs! Can you tell me how the cushions are attached to the wood? They really look amazing. Thanks, Carrie

  2. coffeycarrie says:

    Thanks, just got a hold of two of these, but with single cushions. I’m about to refurbish them, have stripped one of them of its cushion. If by chance the wood allows it, I may try to convert it to the two cushion variety. I know, I hate conversions, but I intend to keep them for myself, so I’m not too concerned about maintaining the original integrity. I just like the two cushion look better. The plywood edging has black, did you use paint or stain? BTW, mine had the original creamy white vinyl, I think I will end up keeping it the original color. Love your blog! Carrie

    • Thanks Carrie, Would love to see photos of before and after. If they are similar to the ones I posted the wood most likely is walnut. The edging of the chairs already had the black stain which compliments the walnut wood. If you are going to go forward and convert the chairs into a two cushion just make sure you fill all the holes after the cushions are removed. I would love to see the white against the dark walnut wood- great contrast!! I did use a recycled leather which is more durable than real leather and also less expensive than leather. The recycled leather was soft as butter and very difficult to tell the difference, but also the price was well worth it! Good luck and thanks for looking!

  3. janea says:

    i just bought a carter brothers scoop chair and need to have the cushion recovered. Do you know anyone in South Florida who can do the work? I have been unable to find anyone who has ever seen one of these chairs.

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