Lovely French Blue

Weekend warrior -I was on this past gorgeous weekend.

Sometimes I just can’t stop until it is all done.  One of the projects that I was anxious to complete this weekend was a French bureau that I had purchased from a husband and wife friend of mine to refinish and resell.  This was the bureau in their garage before picking it up.  It had belonged to her husband’s family and he had some sentimental feelings about letting it go.  Furnishings can bring you back to a place in time that was once comforting, a time where memories were created. But he decided it was time to let this particular piece go.  The structure was all in good shape, legs were strong, drawers were intact and with dovetail, no real neglect or damage- SOLD I say.   The top had some peeling varnish which was an easy fix.

The honey colored stain is the first thing that has to go.  It dates the furniture.  Which is not a very popular stain today.  Good bones but, not good color.Removal of the old sticky liners- thank goodness there were an easy peel off!  The inside of the drawers were in excellent condition.  Out came my sander and in about an hour all of the existing finish was removed.      WHEW!!….

OOOoo the power of a sander!

After the sanding is complete you are left with a lot of dust. A good thorough vacuum is required inside the drawers, outside the drawers, inside the bureau itself, top and sides.  After the vacuum wipe it down with a tack cloth  to pick up any remaining dust particles.  The prep work always takes the longest but, in order to have an excellent outcome prep work is key.   Note my running sneakers-run was done at 5am.   Gotta keep moving no time to slow down.   Now I am sweaty and covered with dust, hair pulled back and no makeup on.. who keeps taking these terrible pictures!

I went back and forth on the color…blue…white…stain…. hhmmmm

Okay blue it was, no turning back now.  I am thinking French blue.

Hardware was another decision.  I went searching for glass pulls and knobs but unfortunately I was out of luck- no 3 1/2″ pulls :(.  The existing hardware will have to suffice but needed a little shine.  When you have hardware that has blackened over the years a little steel wool or fine grit sand paper will bring back the shine as opposed to using  brasso.  A lot quicker and less chemicals.

This piece was a joy to finish and I am loving the end results!  I have experienced with small amounts of blue but never a whole piece.  French blue with gold accents and gentle distressing leaves this piece feel very French. This beautiful piece is currently listed on      Chic Home & Antiques website

Lovely I say from Chic Home Antiques!


About chichomeantiquesblog

A lover of unique antique furniture with history and character. I take great joy in discovering forgotten pieces. Pieces that most people would pass by. I have such a passion for discovering, refinishing and repurposing great furnishings. I shop consignment shops, thrift stores, craigslist and of course antique shops to find those special unique pieces. I paint, sand, antique, glaze whatever it may be to bring new life to old furnishings. My life is full of family, good health, happiness, careers, and a very happy well loved home. I have very much to be thankful for in this world that I live today.
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3 Responses to Lovely French Blue

  1. Silvija Mazza says:

    BEAUTIFUL end result !

  2. Jonsey says:

    Beautiful, you have such vision!

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