Weekend Score

I am so excited to share with you my weekend find of the month! I have been on a mission now to find the perfect coffee table to fit in my very large long  living room.  I wanted something with character of course, not your average coffee table, I wanted great wood, great lines and a great price.   Saturday soccer morning was over and it was time to hit the antique shops.  I happened to run into a friend of mine who was brought along by her good friend Misty King who seemed to have caught the antique bug and was happy to show me her new finds and was requesting my outlook and opinion on a few of her chosen pieces.  I try to be honest when someone ask my opinion because when you purchase from an antique store you own it so it is wise to make the right choice.  A few a questions I always ask myself are-

  1. Is it worthy of the price?
  2. Does it have character?
  3. Is the structure of the piece in good shape?
  4. Will this piece require too much of my time to refinish?
  5. Is it worthy to refinish?
  6. Can I find this piece anywhere at a better price or in better condition?
  7. Is it really an antique or is it in an antique shop and only 5-10 years old?
  8. Will this piece fit in my house or in my space?

Well, I think I helped Misty make some right choices and  decisions. She had given  a little more thought to the pieces.  Misty purchased 2 out of the 5 that she was originally going to purchase.  Misty I think you made the right choice!

Well it was a good day and I had fun assisting Misty but, now my focus was a coffee table and there out of the blue in the Bat Cave of the Antique store was my coffee table!!  The bat cave is where the really unforgotten furniture is left with mold,dust and usually dated.

Right size -check ,   Good structure- check,   Nice wood, worthy- check,   Character-check

Right price- YES  $35.00 

I certainly made my husband happy with the price even if he had to go pick it up, put it in the garage, carry it up to the living room, now back outside, now over in my spray area, now back into the garage.- Thank You honey!  He is very patient with me 🙂

I am soooo anxious to get  my sander to this piece for I have been without coffee table for too long.

When deciding on sand paper choose a medium to heavy grit for the removal of this type of varnish finish. I chose a 60-80 grit because of course I want faster, easier, better.  Then after removal of finish go over bare wood with a finer grit to smooth out surface.  I chose 100 grit.

Don’t forget to wear either a dusk& filter mask or you can choose to wear a better filter mask such as the pink one which filters out odors, fumes and dust. Since this piece has a bit of mold and old urethane I am chosing the pink mask.


Shoot wait is that my neighbor again Kate Lord from Three Haute Mamas– Damn she always seems to catch me with this pink mask on my face, no make up on, my hair pushed back and this white muscle t-shirt on. NOT looking very haute I must say. LOL!

Ok back to work… I will worry about fashion later….

Check out this beautiful wood can you see it under this ugly stain from the 70’s?

This known 70’s honey stain with black specked paint just has to go!

I can see the beautiful wood grain of burled walnut in the center and mahogany wood on the sides.  I feel like I struck gold as I am yelling “0h ya baby”  “that’s right I got it, I got it, I got it for a great deal!!”

Time to wrap up the top and prime the bottom.  I know I may have done it backwards but I was just to anxious to expose this wood! A little more work to be done. Loving the outcome of the honey stain gone even with only primer. The wood flower accent is really starting to come alive now.

Of course I just went through one can of primer and wouldn’t you know it I am out of primer!  I am too tired now and it’s too late to make a run to Lowes, the sun is starting to go down…..this project is to be continued…….
stay tuned for the final finished look  from  Chic Home & Antiques!


About chichomeantiquesblog

A lover of unique antique furniture with history and character. I take great joy in discovering forgotten pieces. Pieces that most people would pass by. I have such a passion for discovering, refinishing and repurposing great furnishings. I shop consignment shops, thrift stores, craigslist and of course antique shops to find those special unique pieces. I paint, sand, antique, glaze whatever it may be to bring new life to old furnishings. My life is full of family, good health, happiness, careers, and a very happy well loved home. I have very much to be thankful for in this world that I live today.
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5 Responses to Weekend Score

  1. mike saunders says:

    Real nice

  2. Jonsey says:

    I can’t wait to see the finished project!

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