Step by Step

I have recently had a few inquires on the step by step process for re-grouting a fireplace. Here you go!

Supplies needed which  can be found in your local hardware store in the tile section. I frequent Lowes.  As always prep your area first. Lay down a tarp on the floor, tape off section where your brick meets your wall, vacuum your cobwebs. Make sure you have plenty of time with limited interruptions.

One large grout sponge.

One rubber floater.

Two buckets: One for water and one for the grout.

Purchase a sanded grout. There is a non-sanded and a sanded. Non-sanded is typically used more for a tile backsplash to prevent scratching the tile. Sanded grout can be used for other Masonry projects and should be used for this project.

There are many choices of color for grout. To obtain a more old world feel choose a sand or tumbleweed color.

Follow the directions on the bag when mixing the grout. Your goal is to obtain a peanut butter consistency. remember to use a mask to prevent inhaling the dust.

Okay now the hard part….you have done your cleaning,prepping,supplies have been purchased,your grout is mixed, buckets are ready.

Spread the grout on with your floater, trick is not to smother all of the brick,but make sure you fill the deep dark old grout lines. Cover some brick but keep some with original brick color. Your goal is to achieve a variation of the color.  Work in small sections. After grout is applied in small sections take your wet damp sponge and wipe off excess grout. As you wash over the brick the grout will get absorb into the brick. Rember brick is very pourous.  Tip: start with a small less visible area first!

Think old world brick.

See the variations of color in these photos.

The character and texture of brick adds so much to a room.

Embrace it and good luck!

From Chic Home & Antiques!

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Good-bye To A Good Friend

Today I said good-bye to a good friend and owner of Acushnet River Antiques. Carl Thatcher passed away on Fourth of July. His warm smile and charming personality will be greatly missed as he would greet everyone who entered Acushnet River Antiques. His love and passion for antiques will still be carried on by his loving wife and his great team at ARA.
Carl may you rest in peace you will be greatly missed by all.
With deepest sympathy from Chic Home &Antiques.

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4th of July!

Could not resist capturing a photo of this classic old wooden boat on a weekend adventure spent on Martha’s Vineyard.

The essence of classic all American.

Happy 4th of July as two Black Dog Flags wave behind me.

A little R & R for this Chic Home Haute Mama!

From Chic Home & Antiques!

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Is Your Porch Ready ForSummer?

Summer has officially started as of June 20th and the
summer weather has arrived as well, 90 degrees to be exact! Last summer I had purchased an antique bed which was over 100 years old at none other than my favorite place Acushnet River Antiques.

As I brought my antique bed to my favorite upholsterer we had discovered the mattress was full of a mixture of horse hair, feathers and foam…ugh what a mess. The original covering for the mattress and around the bed frame from a previous upholsterers job was a  red, white and blue plaid fabric. Just plain ugly! Well the mattress  and fabric was not what had orginally attracted me to the bed.
I was drawn to the old wood and feel of the bed. You just can’t reproduce the look and feel of something 100 years old.

This piece was going to be placed outside in a screened in porch. Bring in Sunbrella fabric. choice; simple soft green fabric with striped back pillows. Perfect!

I had my bed now being used as an outdoor daybed but, was in need of a small coffee table. I did not want to spend a lot of money and I could not bring myself to purchase new.
Next stop Salvation Army.

Must have been my lucky day because
This little all teak table from Lane furniture had a midcentury feel from the 60s all for the right price of $10! After a little light sanding and a fresh coat of oil this little coffee table was brought back to life.

Perfect size.

 My screened in summer porch is ready for entertaining or just for relaxing.

Now if I only could find some time to relax.

Or maybe even a place to just pass out after a project has been completed.

My husband thought this was funny and decided to take a real candid shot- I was so tired I did not even hear him….oh boy was I in dream land!

Happy Summer!

From Chic Home & Antiques!

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Little Black Nightstand

My son’s little black nightstand has now been completed as well and I think he is happy too!

From a simple little night stand which I found out my father had used  as a little boy and came from my Grandmother’s house which I never knew!  This little night stand just somehow was relocated into my home. This happens a lot actually in my family …. we call it the Colombian swap.

Keeping the little night stand a simple black with silver knobs keeps his busy room grounded. As we have every type of sporting equipment in his room.

The antique pineapple four post bed which was given to us free is mixed with  bright striped Ralph Lauren bedding.

It’s easy to redecorate your children’s room without spending a lot of money.  Here are few ideas that I do

  1. Seek out your local antique shop to add a bit of history and character to your child’s room.
  2.  Be creative when you come across a great piece that may be the right size but wrong color.
  3. Ask family if they have any furniture in their basement. You never know what you will find!
  4. Great time of year for yard sales.
  5. Always see what the clearance area has first.

Good luck!

From Chic Home & Antiques!

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Schools Out

As the big yellow school bus pulls up for one more time before the kids are let free for the summer, I will be at peace knowing their rooms are well put together and will stay that way for the rest of summer.  All nicely organized and everything in its place. HAHAH that’s funny… who’s kidding who if I can have more day of peace and feel somewhat organized I am going to take it!

 My daughter’s desk is finally complete and I must say what a transformation. From dated and little girl to sleek and slightly contemporary my daughter approves.

Gone are the little painted flowers and yellow speckled tones.

Now replaced with crisp lacquer white.

Glass knobs and silver pulls that I recycled from my brother’s renovated kitchen.

“Yes, I’ll take those please!”

I was happy because my daughter still wanted to keep the antique mirror in her room!

Mixed with a white contemporary chair from Ikea, a pink funky rug from Target and an antique painted white mirror created a great combination that makes both mom and daughter happy!

Peace Love and Happiness as my daughter would say 🙂

Find the happiness in your home.

From Chic Home & Antiques

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Asian Secret

I recently had a wonderful opportunity to recreate a few pieces of furniture that were not neccessarily old but the owner was moving into a new home and wanted to keep the exsisting pieces but, wanted to create a new look.  The owner currently resided near the ocean and I thought ok …calm ocean colors, green blues and white.  I was wrong, this particular client had a love for Asian decor and was creating a Zen like feel in her new home.   Wonderful! When looking for inspiration I think of old world Asian antiques,

 but still with a mix of modern.

I think antique red, brushed gold, alongside a sharp black with gold accents.

Project: a pair of very well made Thomasville night stands which had a more contemporary new look and a matching slated King size bed.  All with a very light speckled finish.

hhmmm let’s think ….how I am going to achieve the look I want with this little pair?

First don’t be afraid to breakup a bedroom set.  I approached the client with let’s change the pair of night stands but, keep the King size bed and matching bureau the same color. My client was game and I was excited.

Game On!

Power up that sander,put your safety glasses on and  breakout your mask.

I still wanted to reveal the wood grain on the night stands so I stayed away from painting.  Instead I chose a waterbase miniwax stain.  You have the option to custom mix your own paint with this product.  I did not want to go red red my choice Spice from Mini wax.

 This particular color was not red and not orange but just the right amount of red for the look I was trying to achieve.

First coat done….2 more to go……

 Hardware is an easy update to do with your furniture and will give it a whole new look. With my client wanting an Asian feel I went searching online and came across a great website Chinese Brass Hardware.  They had the perfect hardware, nice weight, right price, qick delivery and unique design. Perfect! 

 I loved the look!


Ancient Chinese Secret for this little project.  Some gold distressing and rubbed bronze gave these little stands a whole new look.


The top of the furniture had a frosted glass insert, which did not work with an Asian theme.  Out came some gold paint to add just the right affect.

With the bed now painted all black, this project is complete.

What will your fortune read??

 From Chic Home& Antiques!

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Rush Before Summer!

Why do I always get in way over my head with too many projects?? My kids  have unfortunately or maybe fortunately  caught the “let’s renovate our room” bug from their mother and I have to pay the price. Ugh! Ok let’s dig deep and find a little more energy.

Project- they both want their rooms redecorated.   Ok if you clean your rooms I…ahem.. I am mean WE will do it together.

Project #1: Tackle my daughter’s desk.

Ok I know I know it looks quiet young-looking and yes a little outdated but, I must admit I have a little attachment to this desk.

Yes, this was once my desk growing up. Where does the time go?

I can’t part with it yet.  I am thinking bright white lacquer

and glass knobs.

For an updated look that my little tween will love, with her approval of course.

Project #2- Tackle my growing and active son’s simple little night stand.

It’s a small little night stand currently some sort of washed out beige with  but, it does have dovetail drawers a requirement in my book!

I am thinking simple black

with brushed aged bronzed knobs for this project.

I will keep you posted with this little project it’s 5 am, I am finishing my coffee and I am once again ready to start my day.

Thank goodness my husband takes care of the yard!

What are you doing today? Just get it done!

From Chic Home & Antiques!

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Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirror mirror on the wall….. I see vintage chrome, metal and wood. Another one of my  favorite discoveries from a weekend of consignment and antique shopping. A vintage Nutone mirror in fantastic condition.

A pair no less found on the floor marked down to final price.  My lucky day!

The chrome needed a little cleaning and the glass a little shine.  What works best for you chrome or even stainless steel lovers is …

 Bar Keepers Friend. Works like magic and actually removes rust. Tip you can actually use this on your stainless steel dishwashers too.

I had to place two hooks on either side of the back of the mirror for hanging and also used a heavy wire.

The end result was well worth the purchase. If you are looking for something unique and vintage this is the perfect mirror for you.

This great pair can be found over at Acushnet River Antiques.

 Sits at 17 ” wide x 18 3/4″ tall.

 Happy shopping!

From Chic Home & Antiques!

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Drop Dead Gorgeous!

Drop dead gorgeous is what I said about this amazing gorgeous antique crystal chandelier I picked up this weekend in the basement of a consignment shop.She was waiting on the floor just beckoning to be picked up by someone. It is easy to pass by something so beautiful when it is not fully displayed at eye level. She weighs approximately 40 lbs I would say. All brass and the crystals shimmer and sparkle when illuminated. Beautiful beautiful cut for the crystals.

 Antique crystal chandeliers can go just about anywhere from a modern room.

To a romantic French style room.

If I had another ceiling to hang this gorgeous chandelier I would but…do I take down one of my old chandeliers and replace or sell? hhmm….

For now this will shine over at Acushnet River Antiques.

Bring some sparkle into your home.

From Chic Home & Antiques!

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